Photo Corral 2012
Winter Range 2012
White Mountain Old West Shootists!
Mark & Debbie
A.K.A. Snake & Yellow Rose
Mr. & Mrs. James Cherry
Congratuations Jim Cherry
A.K.A. H.F. McCawley!

*1st Place Long Range Pistol
*2nd Place Long Range Rifle Single Shot
*3rd place long range rifle, pistol cal.
*3rd place bucky o'neill military rifle competition,
Bolt Action

Way to go, Jim!
Deadwood Dakota had a great time.  His
daughter Dee came with him on the trip
and was a great help to him.
Deadwood got to shoot a
1874 Gatling Gun!
Dave & Sue Marshall
A.K.A. Monte RIo & Mustang
Lady Sue
Monte Rio
Ivana B. Quick (Shirley
3rd Place Winner in the
Working Class
Costume Contest.
Yuma Jay
"Cow Patty Punch Out"
May 12-13, 2012
Congratulations Jed, it's a
good thing you have so
many arms!
Good shooting,
September C.A.S.
Way to go, Sven Dale!
Spirit of the Game award goes to...
Inga Hoots!  You go, cowgirl!
Cowboy church!
Sermon by "Deacon"
One mighty fine posse!
Jim Cherry (AKA H.F. McCawley) attended the 21st annual Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match near Forsyth, Montana in June.  
Here's what he said about it... "Had a great time at the Quigley, the wind & dust conditions were absolutely atrocious. The dust
was literally caked up on my rifle, sights, chamber, shooting glasses, eyes etc. etc. Wind was up to 20mph with gusts up to 25
mph. I ran out of left wind-age, so I had 25 minutes of left wind-age plus a "half a buffalo" more to the left to get on target. I was
among the top 100 shooters placing 88 out of 635 shooters. The shoot was an absolute BLAST!"

Thanks for sharing these pictures, Jim!