Shootout at the Painted Desert 2020 was a great success!
Posse 1
Back Row: Hands, Monty Rio, Nate Leadspoon,
Owen No One
Front Row: Bloody Dave Stout, Jane Daniels,
Greta Ann Juan, Captain Clark, Buffalo Kay,
and Aimee (not pictured-Kid Rodelo)
Posse 2
Left to Right: Sailor Mike, Varmint,
Tucson Tom, Jack Oatmon, AZ Dutch,
Daisy Jane, Nine Toe Joe, Quicksilver
Slim, Highgrade, Jed, and Yosemite
Long Range Tucson Tom Shooting
Long Range Longshot Slim Shooting
Safety Meeting Prior to CAS competition
Monty Rio, Nine Toe Joe, Varmint, Greta Ann
Juan Captain Clark
Nate Leadspoon, Hands, Owen No One, Aimee,
Buffalo Kay
Stages 1 & 2: Posse 2
Buffalo Kay
AZ Dutch & Varmint
Safety Meeting
Quicksilver Slim & Texas Star
Newest addition to the Range
- the container will house the
targets, paperwork, and tables
and chairs, etc.
Great work VP Monty Rio for
snagging this beauty.
Monty Rio, Quicksilver Slim,
and Jack Oatmon inspect the
new WMOWS container